Saturday, June 13, 2015


Today was the successful reappearance of the Crystal Beach Community Garage Sale!

Yellow signs and yellow balloons showed the way to the bargains. Shoppers arrived early, early to enjoy the sales. Maps were even provided. The cost of the event (newspaper ads, maps, signs, etc.) was paid for by The Friends of Crystal Beach.

Look for an even bigger and better one next year!

Then, the local firefighters staged a band concert at Queen's Circle in the afternoon. A local band, Best Behaviour, sponsored by the Friends of Crystal Beach, played while people enjoyed the cool shade at the centre of the village.  Food and refreshments, provided by the Crystal Beach Station 6 Fort Erie Firefighters, were enjoyed by all. They even ran out of hamburgers! All proceeds from the sale of food will go towards the Cpl. Albert Storm Memorial Playground at Waterfront Park.

A Win-Win situation for the community.

The South Coast houses on Ridgeway Road are under construction and soon will have people living in them. These were pre-sold. Lots of places for sale in The Beach, but they don't last long as there is a very good turnover. Lots of people moving into the area from the GTA. The Beautification Committee has been working hard to gussy the place up as judges from Communities in Bloom will be in town soon. Remember, it was Fort Erie that won the national prize for a town its size thanks to the efforts of the volunteers and the refurbishment of the National Historic designated Point Abino Lighthouse.  No small feat there. Now, the town is in contention for international awards.

I challenge anyone who thinks that a twelve story condo tower on our last piece of public beachfront in Crystal Beach will improve tourism.  Just visit Crystal Beach any time this summer - especially on a hot day. Community groups are working hard to find ways to attract people to the town because they know that Crystal Beach is a hidden gem, just waiting to be discovered as a quaint and lovely place to enjoy all year round.

Someone once said that the closing of the amusement park was the best thing to happen to Crystal Beach. She was criticized for that statement, but I understood what she meant. Despite the gated community where the amusement park once stood; despite the "red-lining" of the village; despite the attempt to sell off/give away our only public beachfront property; despite the rancor and the nastiness directed at anyone who stood up to save the beach property; despite all that, people are still investing in the community.

And that is a very good thing.